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Please replace the box if it gets too beat up or ripped in transit. Thanks for your interest and for recipient contributions. Keep us posted. Please add your entry when you receive and when you ship the box.

The box is, if it wasn't obvious, named after Lt. Commander Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm disappointed in the unimaginative box names, and will be naming mine after fictional robots.


  • Box assembled by [theorbtwo] and [castaway] in Swindon, 2010-10-24
  • Contains mostly old computer expansion cards, also a few scsi bits, random components, an ISDN telephone.
  • Offered to Evilnick via twitter.
  • 2010-10-27 -- shipped to Evilnick (via [castaway]'s work's shipping department, so no idea what carrier).
  • 2010-11-9 -- [evilnick] Have had a good rummage around in the box now, and sorted out some items to add. Not sure exactly what bits I'll be taking out yet, but actively searching for a new recipient

  • RikugunChaos13 :