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If you'd like to be considered as a potential recipient of a TGIMBOEJ box, this is where you can say so.

NOTE: You need to register and log in as a user of the TGIMBOEJ Wiki in order to edit this page.

If you are looking for a recipient of a box, those with a green heart after their info are confirmed for wanting to still participate, those in red haven't bothered to respond yet and the one in blue wants to but can't due to unfortunate circumstances. If I can't contact a person once, I will strike through the text. I will try twice and if I can't contact at all, I will remove them from the list. The idea is to have a list of willing, and therefore, contactable participants.

I am contacting each person individually to make sure this is an active list but this will take some time due to over 1000 users.

Twitter only users: I can't get in touch with more than one person at a time without getting banned for spam there. I'm not going to fight with it and deactivated my account. I never wanted one in the first place. If your contact info is twitter only I'm asking you to update and give some other form of contact that I can use to get in touch with several people at once without getting banned. I'm not saying you can't leave your twitter contact info there, just that I'd prefer email, a website contact form, etc. Personally I don't care for social networking sites at all but I'll live with it, just not twitter. I have struck through the contact info of all of the twitter only users. You may remove that after you add something else and I won't change it. I figure a month should suffice and if it's not done by then (June 24th, 2013) I'll remove the contact altogether. We are trying to make this work folks and if I can't get you easily then you probably weren't serious about this in the first place.


How does this work?

  • Leave your name or nickname once in a neat and organized alphabetical list, organized by region to keep postage costs down.
  • Link your name to your blog, web site, twitter is too difficult to do anything useful with and gets banned for stupid reasons (See above), flickr stream, or where ever your online presence is. (Publishing online is an important part of this project-- can't skip it.)
  • Make sure that your online presence provides some way to contact you.
    • Posting e-mail addresses is discouraged; they are displayed in plain sight.
    • Linking to your user page on the TGIMBOEJ wiki is a good idea if you set up your account to accept e-mail.
    • If your entry includes no way to contact you, the TGIMBOEJ admins may remove it.
  • When someone is looking for a potential recipient for their box, they may follow your link to see if you are a promising recipient. Showing off electronics projects on your web site might be a good way to attract the right kind of attention.
  • If you have already received a box and you do not want to be considered for another, please remove your name from the list.

Also note: Leaving your name here implies that you will agree to the TGIMBOEJ participation instructions; make sure that you understand what will be expected of you.

What this is not:

  • A list of who has or hasn't had a box.
  • A place for spam or overly self-promotional links. You know the difference.
  • A good place to leave personal information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or street addresses.
  • A place to suggest recipients other than yourself.


  • Organized by state, then by City. Please Keep Organized, Thank You


(have contacted everyone in AL)

  • Brian Kelley, Abbeville, AL (, no response yet)
  • Addictronics, Birmingham, AL (Adam had an unfortunate incident with a tornado and wants to wait to participate again. I'm leaving the contact info up just in case anyone wants to just send him stuff. :-))
  • BrokenTrace Labs, Cullman, AL (Blog not updated since 2010, no contact info, left comment on last post)
  • Chris Palmer, Huntsville, AL (4 blogs, most recent not updated since 2011, no contact info, left comment on last post)
  • Justin Richards, Huntsville, AL (Please update your contact info)
  • Robots And Computers, Shelby, AL


(have contacted everyone in AK)


(have contacted everyone in AR)

  • DeadGekko, Eureka Springs, AR (Website, not updated since 2011, contact form, no response yet)
  • Ark4str, Fort Smith AR (Facebook, no response yet)
  • Adam Aito., Rogers, AR (Please update your contact info)


(have contacted everyone in AZ)

  • BaddMann, Glendale, AZ (Please update your contact info)
  • cr0sh, Glendale, AZ
  • turbo2ltr, Phoenix, AZ (Please update your contact info)
  • pyrogenesis, Tucson, AZ (Please update your contact info)


  • Bay Area
    • Chris N. Aliso Viejo, CA (Please update your contact info)
    • Charles, Belmont, CA (Work: Redwood City, CA)
    • Fahhem Berkeley, CA
    • Mari, Berkeley, CA (Santa Clara Box) (Please update your contact info)
    • G. Carter S., El Cerrito, CA (Work: Menlo Park, CA) (Mountain View Box)
    • Gregg Emeryville, CA (Boston Box)
    • Garrett, Foster City, CA (Quito Box and microbox Box)
    • E. Sterling Menlo Park, CA
    • Jay, Oakland, CA (scheduled to get Gray-D)
    • Michael Pechner, Palo Alto, CA (Please update your contact info)
    • Scott V. Petaluma, CA
    • Chris Tuck, Redwood City, CA (Work: Sunnyvale, CA) (No response to email July 1, 2009)
    • Adam W., Rodeo, CA
    • Adam L. Watson, San Francisco, CA
    • Anne, San Francisco, CA (No response to email June 30, 2009)
    • J.M. Saltzman, San Francisco, CA (email on the blog under "About")
    • jof, San Francisco, CA (No response to email July 1, 2009)
    • johnfoster, San Francisco, CA (Palo Alto Box) (Please update your contact info)
    • Ben, San Jose, CA
    • bushing, San Jose, CA
    • Joshua, San Jose, CA (INTJ-14 box)
    • Lucas, San Jose, CA
    • Jason, San Leandro, CA
    • DisgruntledPostMan San Rafael, CA
    • Magicentral, San Rafael, CA
    • Nate M., Santa Clarita, CA
    • Ken S. Mountain View, CA
    • Jose G., Vacaville Ca
    • David R, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Northern
  • Southern






  • Shaun, Honolulu, HI (Please update your contact info)




  • Ben D, Berne, IN (Please update your contact info)
  • Solomon S., Franklin, IN
  • Benjamin S., Merrillville, IN (Contact on side bar)
  • Anthony, Scottsburg, IN (Please update your contact info)














New Hampshire

  • Vincent Gelinas-Drago[Facebook], Sunapee, NH

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina




  • Matt, American Fork, UT
  • Zach Bountiful, UT (Please update your contact info)
  • james, Layton, UT (Please update your contact info)
  • John, Orem, UT (Please update your contact info)
  • Joseph (email), Pleasant Grove, UT
  • Estwald, SLC, UT
  • Michael, SLC, UT
  • Russell (email), SLC, UT



West Virginia

  • Paul, Charleston, WV
  • cat, Independence, WV
  • bdirgo, Morgantown, WV





  • 440 hertz, Adelaide, Australia
  • Alex, Sydney, Australia
  • Andrew (Twitter: @ neg2led), Melbourne, Australia
  • Evil Paulo, Perth, Australia
  • Frazer, Canberra, Australia
  • Gabriel, Ballarat, Australia
  • Ian, (Love Old Micro/Z80 gear!) Melbourne, Australia
  • Kean, Sydney, Australia
  • Matt, Canberra, Australia
  • Matt, Brisbane, Australia
  • Moz Melbourne, Australia
  • Nick, Sydney, Australia
  • Raj, Melbourne, Australia
  • Scozza, Sarsfield, Australia
  • Terry, Sydney, Australia
  • Wotsit, Sydney, Australia
  • Qbox, New Member please send, Adelaide, Australia
  • BlueFusion, Adelaide, Australia
  • EEVblog Dave, Sydney, Australia (New!)


  • themoep, Vienna, Austria
  • Felipe Sanches, Vienna, Austria (in Europe until September 12th 2011, then I go back to Brazil)




Czech Republic





Guernsey (UK)

  • André, Vale, Guernsey (Channel Islands)



  • Antiklesys, Poggibonsi, Italy
  • eaZy, em Milan, Italy (Please update your contact info)






  • Toolex, Cholula, Puebla
  • DeRr, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Netherlands, The

New Zealand






  • Ori Cohen, Singapore (Please update your contact info)

South Africa



United Kingdom