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How to participate in The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk

Please read this complete set of instructions if you want to participate in the TGIMBOEJ project.

As a participant in the TGIMBOEJ project, you will help us to nurture a healthy environment for responsible reuse of electronics, and to ensure the continuity of the project. These six steps are designed with those goals in mind:

If you are looking for a recipient of a box, those with a green heart after their info are confirmed for wanting to still participate, those in red haven't bothered to respond yet and the one in blue wants to but can't due to unfortunate circumstances. If I can't contact a person once, I will strike through the text. I will try twice and if I can't contact at all, I will remove them from the list. The idea is to have a list of willing, and therefore, contactable participants.

I am contacting each person individually to make sure this is an active list but this will take some time due to over 1000 users.

Twitter only users: I can't get in touch with more than one person at a time without getting banned for spam there. I'm not going to fight with it and deactivated my account. I never wanted one in the first place. If your contact info is twitter only I'm asking you to update and give some other form of contact that I can use to get in touch with several people at once without getting banned. I'm not saying you can't leave your twitter contact info there, just that I'd prefer email, a website contact form, etc. Personally I don't care for social networking sites at all but I'll live with it, just not twitter. I have struck through the contact info of all of the twitter only users. You may remove that after you add something else and I won't change it. I figure a month should suffice and if it's not done by then I'll remove the contact altogether. We are trying to make this work folks and if I can't get you easily then you probably weren't serious about this in the first place.


Step 1. Get the box.
  • Sign up on the Box Requests page of the TGIMBOEJ Wiki if you are interested.
  • There are many boxes; one will find its way to you eventually.  :)

Step 2. Take out and add as much electronics junk as you like.
  • Try to keep the box size small (and thereby relatively inexpensive to ship).
(For boxes within the USA, it is recommended to use a USPS flat-rate Priority Mail box.)
  • Try not to over-stuff the box, so that there's still room to add things.
  • If your box gets too large, you can split it in two. See How to start a box on the TGIMBOEJ wiki.

Step 3. Document your participation.
  • Remember, this is The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronics Junk.
  • To fully participate, you should write up, photograph, document or otherwise publish in some way online at least one thing you took out of the box. You've got a blog, a web page, or a flickr or twitter is too difficult to do anything useful with and gets banned for stupid reasons (See above) account? Great-- put something up about your TGIMBOEJ experience on one of these places. (All-purpose tag: TGIMBOEJ. On Twitter: #tgimboej. TGIMBOEJ Flickr group.)
  • ALSO update the Box Tracking page, adding your name, date, and location to the history for your particular box.

Step 4. Contact the next recipient within 7 days of receiving the box
  • Pick (by any criteria) a new recipient from the Box Requests page and contact them.
    • If you make contact successfully, make sure that they understand these participation guidelines before getting their shipping address.
    • If you cannot make contact, please try another member of the list.
  • If you are not sure what to do, please don't give up-- Contact a project administrator, and we'll find a new willing recipient for you in short order.

Step 5. Send off the box within 14 days of receiving the box

Step 6. Follow through.
  • A single box can travel for a long, long time, if we all work together to keep it moving.
  • Your responsibility for the box that you received ends when the next recipient sends it onward.
  • Follow up roughly 7, 14, and 21 days after you've sent your box onwards to make sure that the next person has been able to contact a new participant and has actually sent the box on.
  • Having been through the process, you can serve as a mentor and point of contact, should they have any questions.
  • If you or the next recipient encounters trouble with the process, please contact a project administrator, and we'll help you both get things back in order.

RikugunChaos13 : i think there no one i requested a box it seems Every 1 lost interest

That's what I'm working on RikugunChaos13. I'm attempting to contact everyone on the request list to find out if they want to keep participating. So far I've gotten one emphatic yes, one no, and one that will again later on because he lost everything in a tornado. On a side note concerning that, I'd like to try and get some folks to just send him some stuff to build back up perhaps some of the things he lost. I plan on starting a box myself to make sure it gets tracked right. I lost a lot of my things as well so it may take me awhile to get one together. One of the bigger issues I see is the cost. Obviously most of the participants are in the US and sending a box overseas is not only expensive, there are security issues involved. I can envision a customs official thinking a box with parts in it like this might be dangerous. I'm basically poor so I have to pick and choose what $10 or $20 to ship a box I can use. If I don't already have it to use I wouldn't accept a box. --Liquibyte