Box Code: Gray-A

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  • Assembled in Gray, TN August 2008 - Contents Secret :) (until it gets shipped)
  • On its way to Don Stratton in Nashville, TN on Sept. 2, 2008
  • Flickr Photos of Box Build Gray-A Beginning Photos
  • Received by Don Stratton in Nashville, TN on Sept. 6, 2008
  • Full write-up by Don Stratton at his (now deceased) web site on Sept. 7, 2008, and Flickr full photo set
  • Sent out to Ann in San Francisco really damn late (sorry Ann!), around October 20th, 2008 or so.
  • Received by Anne, who is continuing the tradition of Gray-A lateness by being really damn slow on the writeup.
  • TGIMBOEJ admin emailed Anne, June 30, 2009