Box Code: Hackerspace Harvest

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This box is intended to be passed among hackerspaces.

  • Created by HacDC in Washington, DC, USA

Hh 2009 09 22.png


If you're a hackerspace and you'd like to be passed this box, list yourself below.

  • Tetalab in Toulouse, France (contact: alx.girard [at]
  • Alpha One Labs, in Brooklyn, NY (contact: info [at]
  • KwartzLab in Kitchener, ON Canada (contact secretary [at]
  • 23b Shop in Fullerton, CA, USA (contact arclight [at]
  • syn2cat in Strassen, Luxembourg/Europe (contact: steve [at]
  • Freeside in Atlanta, GA, USA (contact:
  • Baltimore Hackerspace in Baltimore, MD (contact: bsom{AT}