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Please replace the box if it gets too beat up or ripped in transit. Thanks for your interest and for recipient contributions. Keep us posted. Please add your entry when you receive and when you ship the box.


  • Box assembled by Mr. INTJ in San Diego, CA - October 7, 2010
  • Shipped October 9, 2010 to jkotrub in West Bloomfield, MI

  • Arrived October ~20th, 2010 to Douglasmauroin Pittsford, NY
  • Oct 28th Filled with goodies and looking for next user (pics to come) - Douglasmauroin Pittsford, NY
  • Shipped October 29, 2010 to Jason W. in Memphis, TN

  • Arrived November 3rd, 2010 to Jason W. in Memphis, TN
  • July 4th 2011 took an analog meter and joystick added a working linksys router wrt54gx2
  • Sorry about the long delay my job took me out of the country for quite sometime.
  • Shipped July 4th 2011 to Pablo in Visalia, CA
  • Pablo RikugunChaos13 : not here yet ? update 3/12/13: it hasn't came or shipping got lost on it way here ?
  • Pablo RikugunChaos13 : Update 2, 1/4/216 Box Never Made it to My Shipping Address Box Got Lost in Transit