Box Code: Zanzibar Initiative

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::Zanzibar Initiative::

  • Assembled by Dave, Rogersville, MO, August 5th, 2009.
  • Shipped to Jay (GeekSkunkWorks), Chantilly, VA, August 6th, 2009.
  • Received August 10th, 2009 and documented here
  • Looking for a recipient August 12th, 2009
  • Box Inventory at this point, kept a few things as noted in the pictures. Not documenting additions to keep it a surprise!
  • Made contact with Mike, mailed out August 14th, 2009.
  • Received August 15th, 2009 and documented here.
  • Added some goodies and practical bits - stuff I would like to get in the mail 8-}
  • Looking for a recipient August 17th, 2009.
  • Shipped box to Rich Watts August 20, 2009.
  • Received August 22nd, 2009 and documented here
  • Made contact with Alpha One Labs. The box is re-packed full of good stuff and will be hand delivered this week!
  • Received September 3rd, 2009 and documented here
  • Made contact with Hive76 Hackerspace, mailed out September 19th, 2009.
  • Received some long ago 2009 at Hive76
  • Shipped to FAMilab via USPS Parcel Post Eagleapex 07:50, 9 December 2010 (UTC)