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This page is here for you to express your gratitude-- if you feel that you need to. Some people who have donated parts to the project would really like to hear how much you enjoyed the XYZ that you received. So if you'd like to, this is the place for it!

Thanks to Windell and Lenore for getting this puppy started, and Bilal, Don and Sam for contributing loot! -- John Baichtal

Windell and Lenore, you guy's took a simple gift and turned it into a global geeky share fest. Power to the geeky. -Bilal

Thanks to all those recipients who actually appreciate getting some old electronic stuff my dad Don contributed to the cause. I'm updating him with the joy he is helping create, which creates even more joy.

Windell and Lenore can't be thanked enough for starting such a wonderful "Pay it forward" style of project... I regret such a project didn't exist when I was still in the hobbyist stage of my engineering career. I recently cleaned out my company "junk boxes" and donated a large array of toys to be distributed in new boxes, and I can only hope other businesses follow suit. -- Dan Hintz, Owner ( )

Thanks Windell and Lenore for setting this all up. It's great to be able to participate in something like this! Also, thanks to people like Don and Mr. Hintz, and everyone who has donated time, money or electronic parts to this project. - Jack