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This could be viewed as a sort of resume, or portfolio. Or you could just say its a page full of junk about me.

From a young age I've been interested in taking things apart, and occasionally putting them back together, which eventually grew into building new stuff from old. I am a self taught programmer and electronics enthusiast. Over the years I've written numerous programs, and built the hardware along the way to support development on various platforms.

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Platform History

  1. Apple II - Learned how to program in Basic and ASM back in the 80's using an Apple II and had my first mishaps with ESD while plugging and unplugging cards (sometimes with the power turned on!) Nevermind that I was 7 at the time.
  2. 386 and later PCs - This eventually replaced the Apple II as the family PC in the late 80's and I had my turn at building stuff to interface via LPT / Game / Serial ports, and software to drive it using Basic, ASM, and C.
  3. Sony Playstation - I tried to do some dev on this but the barrier of entry was just too high. First circuits I built that had ICs and not just passive components and transistors.
  4. Sega Dreamcast - Just after highschool I got one of these, ported a few programs, wrote a few, and even worked on parts of an OS. First time I did any SMD soldering (adding serial port, reset button, replacement firmware)
  5. Xbox - Fun stuff, years of work writing menus, and even an operating system. Learned alot about DirectX and 3D modelling in the process.
  6. PIC - Started playing with using PIC chips to build an Xbox debug cable, eventually lead to a large collection of DIP package chips.
  7. EzUSB - Found one of these in the usb cable for an external cd burner, found fun stuff to do with it. Mainly joystick interfacing.
  8. Nintendo GBA - Wrote a few simple programs in C, quickly realized that PC development spoiled me on memory usage.
  9. Sony PSP - Mainly ported a few things over, another Apple II emulator, VNC viewer, had fun. Nuff said.
  10. Nintendo DS - Back into the hard stuff, writing programs for small memory, multiple cpus, fun building hardware.
  11. Xbox 360 - More SMD soldering, crypto stuff, not that much fun.
  12. Parallax Propeller - Full on hardware / software dev on a nifty little 8 core mcu. Still working on getting it going (curses be to sloppy osc tolerances)