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Howdy... My name is RebelTaz and this is my story:

I am a self-employed jack-of-all-trades in a small rural town in central Alabama. Technically, I am an electronics technician with over 20 years experience repairing consumer electronics, but I identify more with Emmett (of Emmett's Fix-It Shop) on the Andy Griffith show than I do with most service technicians. And with the down-turn in the economy, coupled with the disposable nature of our society, I have had to branch out into small engine and motorcycle/ATV service as well.

That is my profession - for fun, I collect and repair vintage robots and computers. I have an online museum where I showcase all of my prized pieces that you can check out at:

I pass on the boxes that I receive from TGIMBOEJ project (you can read the write-ups on my web site), so please keep me in mind when starting new boxes ;)